Alexa for Business
Administration Guide

Document History for Alexa for Business Administration Guide

The following table describes the documentation for this release of the Alexa for Business Administration Guide.

  • Latest documentation update: May 21, 2018

Change Description Date
Calendar voice restriction and Alexa Smart Scheduling Assistant Require Users to Restrict Calendars to Voice and Instruct Users to Use the Alexa Smart Scheduling Assistant May 21, 2018
Connect Alexa for Business to your Zoom Rooms system Use Zoom Rooms with Alexa for Business May 9, 2018
View the network connection status of a device and monitor devices using CloudWatch Managing Devices April 30, 2018
Password expiration emails Set up Microsoft Exchange Access for Users April 26, 2018
Various conferencing updates Managing Conferencing April 10, 2018
Change permissions for a skill Managing Skills April 6, 2018
Make calls from your shared devices with Alexa for Business Managing Calling March 28, 2018
Updates to the Device Setup Tool Run the Device Setup Tool March 26, 2018
Added support for Fuze and Google Hangouts Meet Set up Alexa Conferencing March 16, 2018
Use the Alexa for Business gateway to connect Alexa for Business to your Cisco TelePresence systems Use the Alexa for Business Gateway February 8, 2018
Assign multiple devices to a room Managing Devices January 26, 2018
Initial release Initial release November 29, 2017