Manage devices - Alexa for Business

Manage devices

You can set up your Alexa devices (Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Plus) using the Device Setup Tool. This connects your device to your Wi-Fi network and registers it with Alexa for Business. You can also use the Alexa Companion app to set up your devices using your or Amazon Business account, then import your devices into Alexa for Business. For more information, see Import your devices.

After you set up your devices, you can assign them to your rooms.


You need a Windows computer to use the Device Setup Tool. You cannot run the Device Setup Tool on any cloud-based, Windows streaming tool, such as Amazon WorkSpaces, or any imaged driver such as Boot Camp.

To set up your devices using the Device Setup Tool

  1. If you haven't already, install the Device Setup Tool. For more information, see Run the Device Setup Tool.

  2. Note the last three characters of the device service number (DSN), printed on the box. These characters are included in the Wi-Fi network that the device broadcasts while you are setting it up. They are required when you assign your device to a room.

  3. Plug your device into a power outlet, and press and hold the Action button (white dot) for five seconds. Wait until the device tells you that it is ready and the light ring turns orange.


    If the device has already been set up before, you can manually enter setup mode by pressing and holding the Action button for 7 seconds.

  4. Open the Device Setup Tool, which discovers your device.


    If the Device Setup Tool doesn’t discover your devices, choose Start setup.

  5. Select the network profile to associate with your devices, and choose Save.

  6. After selecting the network profile and verifying the network configuration is accurate, choose Next.

  7. Put your Alexa devices into setup mode by powering them on for the first time, or by holding the action button on the top of the Echo device.

  8. From the Device setup home page, choose Start setup to scan for all Alexa devices in setup mode nearby and register them to your Alexa for Business organization.


    If you don't want to set up all Alexa devices in setup mode near your computer, choose Select devices and select from the list the devices to set up. To download a .csv file with the MAC address for your selected devices, choose Download MAC info.

  9. Wait for the tool to complete. You can monitor progress in the tool to see which device is being set up, as well as the status of each device (Successful or Failed).


    After the status for a device changes to Successful, you can unplug the device even if the light ring is still orange. If all devices show as Failed, make sure that you have a strong connection to the network and that the Wi-Fi information is entered correctly.

The Device Setup Tool connects your devices to your Wi-Fi network and registers them with Alexa for Business. For information about how to create a network profile, see Manage network profiles.

To assign devices to a room

  1. Open the Alexa for Business console at

  2. Choose Shared devices and select the check box next to the devices to assign to a room.

  3. Choose Assign to room, and choose the room to which to assign the devices.

  4. Unplug the device and plug it back in to restart it.

We recommend that you label the devices with the room to help ensure that the device remains in the correct room. To move devices from one room to another, unassign and then re-assign the devices.

To view device information

  1. Open the Alexa for Business console at

  2. Choose Shared devices to see a list of your registered devices and the following information for each device:

    • Serial number – The serial number of the device.

    • Type – The type of device.

    • Device name – The name of the device.

    • Assigned room – The room to which the device is assigned.

    • Status – The status of the device, including the network connection status of the skills and settings being applied to the device.

      • Synced – All skills and settings are applied to the device.

      • In progress – The device is connected to the network, and Alexa for Business is applying skills and settings to the device.

      • Failed –The device could not be sync. For more information, check the Failure column.

      • Deregistered –This device has been factory reset, or put into device setup mode and not set up properly. Please set up this device again using the Device Setup Tool.

Alexa for Business publishes the number of your shared devices online, offline, and deregistered to Amazon CloudWatch as metrics. These metrics are inside the namespace AWS/A4B. The metric names are OnlineSharedDevices, OfflineSharedDevices, and DeregisteredSharedDevices . All of these metrics can be grouped by the metric dimensions Room Profile or Organization.


Viewing AWS/A4B metrics by Room Profile filters out devices in your organization that aren't assigned to a room. It also allows you to filter results for a specific building with offline devices.

To monitor devices using CloudWatch

  1. Follow the steps in View Available Metrics in the Amazon CloudWatch User Guide. Instead of choosing the namespace EC2, choose the namespace AWS/A4B, and then choose a metric dimension (Organization or Room Profile).

  2. To set up alarms from CloudWatch when a critical number of devices go offline, follow these steps:

    1. Graph the metric. For more information, see Graph a Metric.

    2. Create an alarm. For more information, see Create an Alarm from a Metric on a Graph.

To delete a device

  1. Open the Alexa for Business console at

  2. Choose Shared devices and select the check box next to the device to deregister.

  3. Choose Actions, Delete Devices.


    This action removes the device from the console.

You can reset a device to clear all timers, alarms, to-do lists, shopping lists, and Bluetooth-connected phones for a device. This also sets the volume to 5 for a shared device.

To reset a device

  1. Open the Alexa for Business console at

  2. Choose Shared devices and select the devices to reset.

  3. Choose Actions, Reset device.

Alexa for Business manages device accounts and settings through rooms and room profiles. When you add devices to a room, change the room of a device, update specific settings in a room profile (including the wake word, volume limit, and device setup mode), or when you reset a device, the device must be connected to the internet for the update to complete successfully. Alexa for Business retries these calls for one hour, and then the device is placed into a Sync needed status. To implement your changes, plug in the Alexa device, ensure that it's connected to Wi-Fi, and sync the device.

To sync a device

  1. Open the Alexa for Business console at

  2. Choose Shared devices and select one or more devices with the status Sync needed.

  3. Choose Actions, Sync devices.