Manage users using Alexa for Business - Alexa for Business

Manage users using Alexa for Business

You can invite users to connect their personal Alexa account with your organization. When you send an invitation to a user, they receive an email with a temporary URL that allows them to join your organization after logging in with their Amazon account. When they join your organization, they gain access to the following features on their Alexa devices, both at home and at work:

  • Discovering and enabling all the private skills that you make available to users.

  • Discovering and enabling the private skills that you made available to them in their companion app.

  • Joining meetings on Amazon Echo-family devices (Echo Show, Echo Plus, Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Spot) managed by the account they used when joining your organization, and using the default conferencing provider.

  • Linking their Microsoft Exchange calendar, if you issued the invitation to an email address that is part of the Exchange service account you linked in the Alexa for Business console.

In addition to the benefits available to users after joining your organization, you can require that users restrict any calendar accounts that they have linked and that match the domain of your service account configured in the Calendar section of the Alexa for Business console.