Alexa for Business
Administration Guide

Available Alexa commands in Meeting Rooms

Alexa for Business simplifies meeting room experiences and lets your users interact with meeting rooms by using their voice.

The following table shows an overview of commands that you can ask Alexa in meeting rooms.

You can say... To do this...
“Alexa, is this room available?”

“Alexa, is this room free?”

“Alexa, is the room booked at 4 PM?”
Check room availability
“Alexa, is this room free for 30 minutes?” Check room availability for a specific duration
“Alexa, is this room free at 10 AM?” Check room availability for a specific time
“Alexa, who booked this room?”

“Alexa, who booked this room at 2 PM?”

Find out who reserved room
“Alexa, book this room for 30 minutes”

“Alexa, book this room at 2 PM for 60 minutes”

“Alexa, reserve this room until 1 PM”
Make an instant booking
“Alexa, extend the meeting”

“Alexa, extend the meeting by half an hour”

“Alexa, extend the meeting for 15 minutes”
Extend a room reservation
“Alexa, when is the next meeting?” Find the next reservation
“Alexa, find me a room”

“Alexa, find a room for an hour”

“Alexa, find a room at noon”
Find an available room
“Alexa, join my meeting”

“Alexa, start my meeting”

Join your unscheduled or scheduled meeting
“Alexa, end the meeting”

“Alexa, hang up”

Leave a meeting
“Alexa, call 855-255-8888”

“Alexa, call 88000”

Dial phone numbers
“Alexa, call [contact name]” Call contacts
“Alexa, redial” Redial
“Alexa, answer”

“Alexa, decline”

Answer or decline an incoming call


This is only available on third-party conferencing devices that have implemented Alexa Voice Service.

“Alexa, end the call” End a call
“Alexa, press 123#”

“Alexa, enter *7”

Send digits
“Alexa, increase volume”

“Alexa, lower volume”

Control the volume
“Alexa, turn on lights”

“Alexa, turn off lights”

“Alexa, dim the lights”
Control smart devices
“Alexa, ask <company> for the Wi-Fi password?” Access company FAQs using Blueprints or private skills
“Alexa, ask <company> to report an issue.” Report service issues
“Alexa, ask <company> for latest news.” Hear company flash briefings
Available commands during active calls
“Alexa, end the call”

“Alexa, hangup”

“Alexa, end the meeting”
End a call
“Alexa, press 123#”

“Alexa, enter *7”

Send digits
“Alexa, increase volume”

“Alexa, lower volume”

Control the volume
"Alexa, check in" Check into a meeting reservation