Prerequisites for Alexa for Business - Alexa for Business

Prerequisites for Alexa for Business

Before you can get started with Alexa for Business, complete the following tasks:


Before you get started with Alexa for Business, review the following concepts:


The cloud-based voice service that powers devices such as the Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot. You can give Alexa new abilities by creating your own cloud-based service that accepts requests from Alexa and returns responses.

Alexa device

A device that provides access to the Alexa service. Examples include Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, and devices that use the Alexa Voice Service.

enrolled user

Employees can join an organization by enrolling their personal Amazon account. When users join their employer’s Alexa for Business organization, they can use all of the Alexa for Business features on an unlimited number of Alexa endpoints registered to the Amazon account used when they join.

master account

Some skills require account linking. If you enable a skill and link your account, this becomes the master account and is shared by default for all devices with that skill enabled. You can override this master account and link a different account inside an individual room.


The physical location that contains your device. Examples include conference rooms, lobbies, and hotel rooms.

room profile

A room profile is associated with a room and contains all of the settings for your devices. This enables Alexa to provide weather, time, and other location-based information. You can create a room profile that applies the same settings to all rooms in the same building. You can modify the settings in a room profile, including the default room profile, at any time.

private skill

An Alexa skill that is only available for the users and Alexa devices in your organization. A private skill never shows up in the Alexa Skills store.


A stand-alone capability that an Alexa customer can discover, enable, use, and disable to add new functionality to their Alexa experience.

skill group

A skill group is a collection of one or more skills that can be added to a room. The only way to enable skills on a Alexa for Business-managed device is to add a skill group that contains the skills to enable in a room. After enabling a room, any device in that room has access to those skills.

shared device

An Alexa device placed in a shared location, such as a conference room, lobby, or hotel room.

smart home device

Smart home lights, thermostats, and drapes. Not to be confused with device, which is an Alexa device such as the Amazon Echo.