Alexa for Business
Administration Guide

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Use Polycom Trio with Alexa for Business

The latest firmware for Polycom Trio has integrated natively with Alexa Voice Service and lets you use Alexa in your meeting rooms. With Alexa on Polycom Trio, you can make hands-free phone calls, join meetings, check meeting room availability, book or find a meeting room for your meeting, and access private skills, such a company briefing or company FAQs. For more information, see Polycom Trio Systems with Alexa for Business Deployment Guide.

To use Alexa on Polycom Trio devices, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Firmware 5.9.0 or higher must be installed on your Polycom Trio devices.

  • Your Polycom Trio must be registered with the Polycom Cloud Service. To get your Polycom Cloud Service tenant created, contact your Polycom sales representative, or go to

To use Polycom Trio with Alexa for Business

  1. Set up AVS permissions.

    To grant Polycom permissions to register your Trio devices into your AWS account and assign them to a room, you must create an IAM service role.

    If your IAM user account, group, or role is assigned administrator or PowerUserAccess permissions, then you have all the permissions to set up Alexa for Business. If you don't have administrator permissions, then an AWS account administrator must update your IAM user account, group, or role to include PowerUserAccess permissions or perform the following steps for you.

    1. Open the Alexa for Business console at

    2. Choose Settings, AVS permissions.

    3. Choose Poly from the drop-down menu and choose Create IAM role.

    4. Download the CSV file. You'll need to upload this file in the Polycom Cloud Service in a future step.

  2. Set up your conferencing provider.

    To have Alexa for Business join your meetings, you must set up your conferencing provider. Alexa for Business offers a list of built-in conference providers, including Amazon Chime, BlueJeans, Cisco WebEx, Skype for Business, and Zoom. Alexa for Business uses the conference provider settings to build the dial sequence when joining a meeting. For more information, see Manage Conferencing Providers.

    1. Open the Alexa for Business console at

    2. Choose Conferencing and Add provider.

    3. Choose the conferencing provider that you are using in your organization, and enter the PTSN dial-in number and SIP endpoint.

  3. Link your calendar.

    To join scheduled meetings, check room availability, and book a room for a meeting by asking Alexa, you must link your calendar to Alexa for Business.

    Alexa for Business supports Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office365, and Google G-Suite. For more information, see Link Alexa for Business to Your Calendar System.


    Although your Polycom Trio might be connected to your calendar system to provide one-touch join, the locally linked calendar won’t be used by Alexa.

  4. Enable skills and add them to a skill group.

    Skills are voice-driven capabilities that enhance the functionality of your Alexa device. Alexa for Business gives you access to all skills in the Alexa Skills store. You can also build skill specifically for your organization by using Blueprints or developing a private skill.

    To enable skills for your devices, you must first enable the skill for your organization and then add it to one or more skill groups that are assigned to your rooms. For more information, see Managing Skill Groups and Managing Skills.

  5. Create a room profile.

    To simplify the process of creating and managing rooms, first define room profiles. A room profile contains the settings for your Alexa devices, so that they can provide you with weather, time, and other location-based information. For example, you can create a room profile that contains the Alexa settings that apply to all rooms in the same building.

  6. Prepare your Polycom Trio device.

    To use Alexa for Business on your Polycom Trio, you must register your Polycom Trio through PDMS-E with Alexa for Business. Before you can register your Polycom Trio, first Enable the Universal Agent (formerly known as Polycom Cloud Connector or PCC). The Universal Agent must onboard your Polycom Trio to PDMS-E, even if you’re onboarding Polycom Trio using the MAC address.

    Before you begin using the following steps, make sure that you have configured your Network Time Protocol server with Polycom Trio.

    1. Copy the following XML information into a text file and save it as a .cfg file (for example, pcc.cfg).

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <UPLOAD> <ALL feature.pcc.enabled="1" feature.da.enabled="1" /> </UPLOAD>
    2. Log in to the Polycom Trio Web Interface as an administrator.

    3. Choose Utilities, Import & Export Configuration, Choose File, and select the .cfg file generated (for example, pcc.cfg) to enable Universal Agent.

    4. To enable Alexa for Business for your Polycom Trio, copy the following XML information into a text file and save it as a .cfg file (for example, alexa.cfg).


      You can also enable these settings using your existing management and provisioning solution, such as Polycom Resource Manager.

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <upload> <ALL feature.alexaForBusiness.enabled="1" feature.alexaForBusiness.HandsFree.enabled="1" /> </UPLOAD>
    5. Log in to the Polycom Trio Web Interface as an administrator.

    6. Choose Utilities, Import & Export Configuration, Choose File, and select the .cfg file generated (for example alexa.cfg).

    7. After the device restarts, a gray Alexa icon appears at the bottom of the Trio display.

  7. Set up Alexa for Business in PDMS-E.

    To enable Alexa on your Polycom Trio devices, you must first register them into Alexa for Business. Registration is done through Polycom Device Management Service (PDMS-E).

    1. Go to and sign in using the credentials provided by Polycom.

    2. Choose Alexa for Business, enable Alexa for Business, upload the CSV file your created in step 1, and choose Save.

  8. Add your Polycom Trio devices to PDMS-E.

    To enable Alexa for Business on your Polycom Trio device, first make sure that the latest 5.9 firmware is installed.

    1. Go to and sign in using the credentials provided by Polycom.

    2. Choose PDMS-E, Device Monitor, Add, RealPresence Trio, and select the check-box for Cloud registration.

    3. Log in to the Polycom Trio Web Interface as an administrator, choose Diagnostics and Cloud Services, and make note of the registration key.

    4. Enter the registration key into the Registration code field.

    5. Choose your Polycom Trio model and enter a device name.

    6. Choose Save to complete device registration.

    7. The newly added Polycom Trio appears on the Device Monitor page and all status icons appear grayed out.

    8. To finalize setup, assign your Polycom Trio to an Alexa for Business room:

      1. Choose the Device name (Polycom Trio only) that you want to assign to an Alexa for Business Room.

      2. Choose the Alexa for Business tab, select one of the existing Alexa for Business rooms (or create a new one), and choose Save.


        You can also do this in the Alexa for Business console.

    9. Your device is now successfully registered to Alexa for Business and assigned to a room. Within couple of minutes, you will see the Alexa icon on the Trio UI turn blue. Alexa is now active and can be used by either saying the wake word or by pushing on the Alexa icon.

    10. In the Alexa for Business console, you can view all of your Polycom Trio devices that have Alexa for Business enabled, manage Alexa settings, and enable new skills.