Activate Alexa for Business - Alexa for Business

Activate Alexa for Business

You can activate Alexa for Business in your Zoom Rooms directly from the Zoom web portal.

To activate Alexa for Business
  1. Sign into the Zoom web portal, and under Admin, choose Room Management, Zoom Rooms, and Account Settings.

  2. On the Meeting tab, under Alexa for Business, choose Link Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.

  3. Enter your AWS account info when prompted, and choose Enable.

  4. Go to Room Management, Zoom Rooms, find the rooms you want to activate, and choose Edit.

  5. On the Meeting tab, under Voice Commands, select Alexa for Business.

  6. If you want local information like weather and traffic, select Localize Voice Experience and confirm or edit the Current Location.

  7. Choose Save.

  8. Confirm that you see the Alexa enable/disable button on the bottom-right corner of your Zoom Room controller.