Configure advanced settings - Alexa for Business

Configure advanced settings

After you enable Alexa for Business, you can turn on advanced features in the Alexa for Business console. You can enable room booking features (“Alexa, find a room”), private skills (“Alexa, what’s our guest wireless information?”), end of meeting reminders, and general skills.

To enable advanced Alexa for Business settings

  1. Before you can use the Alexa for Business console, make sure that you meet the Prerequisites for Alexa for Business.

  2. To turn on end of meeting reminders, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Alexa for Business console at

    2. Choose Room profiles, Create room profile.

    3. In Meeting room settings, choose from the following settings:

  3. To set up private skills, see Private skills.

  4. To set up general skills, see Manage skills.