AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority
User Guide (Version latest)

Listing Tags

The following CloudTrail example shows the results of a call to the ListTags function.

{ eventVersion: "1.05", userIdentity: { type: "IAMUser", principalId: "account", arn: "arn:aws:iam::account:user/name", accountId: "account", accessKeyId: "Key_ID" }, eventTime: "2018-02-02T00:21:56Z", eventSource: "", eventName: "ListTags", awsRegion: "us-east-1", sourceIPAddress: "xx.xx.xx.xx", userAgent: "aws-cli/1.14.28 Python/2.7.9 Windows/8 botocore/1.8.32", requestParameters: { certificateAuthorityArn: "arn:aws:acm-pca:us-east-1:account:certificate-authority/ac5a7c2e-19c8-4258-b74e-351c2b791fe1" }, responseElements: { tags: [{ key: "Admin", value: "Alice" }, { key: "User", value: "Bob" }] }, requestID: "72819d8d-c6bc-4921-a944-95bb899ed911", eventID: "a349328f-e3e0-48ee-abc9-00526768080a", eventType: "AwsApiCall", recipientAccountId: "account" }