Agent - Agent Workspace



The SDK provides an AgentClient which serves as an interface that your app can use to subscribe to agent events and make agent data requests.

The AgentClient accepts an optional constructor argument, ConnectClientConfig which itself is defined as:

export type ConnectClientConfig = { context?: ModuleContext; provider?: AmazonConnectProvider; };

If you do not provide a value for this config, then the client will default to using the AmazonConnectProvider set in the global provider scope. You can also manually configure this using setGlobalProvider.

You can instantiate the agent client as follows:

import { AgentClient } from "@amazon-connect/contact"; const agentClient = new AgentClient();

For the zero-arg constructor demonstrated above to work correctly, you must first instantiate the app which will set up the default AmazonConnectProvider. This is the recommended option.

Alternatively, providing a constructor argument:

import { AgentClient } from "@amazon-connect/contact"; const agentClient = new AgentClient({ context: sampleContext, provider: sampleProvider });