Authentication - Agent Workspace


Apps must provide their own authentication to their users. It is recommended that apps use the same identity provider that the Connect instance has been configured to use when it was created. This will make it so users only need to log in once for both the agent workspace and their applications, since they both use the same single sign on provider.


Third-party Cookie Deprecation

We are aware of the Google Chrome Third-Party Cookies Deprecation (3PCD) that may impact the third-party applications experience. If your application is embedded within Amazon Connect’s agent workspace in an iframe and uses cookie based Authentication/Authorization, then your application is likely to be impacted by Third-Party Cookie Deprecation. You can test if your user experience will be impacted by 3PCD by using the following Test for Breakage guidance.

Here are the recommendations to ensure customers continue to have good experiences when accessing your application within the Amazon Connect agent workspace with Google Chrome.

  • Temporary solution: Allow 3p cookie access here.

  • Permanent solution: Refer to the guidance from Chrome to choose the best option suitable for your application.