Events and Requests - Agent Workspace

Events and Requests

App developers can easily create applications that seamlessly integrate into the agent workspace experience with the event and request functionality natively supported by AmazonConnectSDK. You can build an app by leveraging the SDK to subscribe to agent/contact events (invoking a particular handler when the event occurs) and make requests to quickly retrieve agent/contact data.

  • Event

    Refers to an asynchronous subscription-publication model, where the SDK's client allows the 3P app to subscribe a callback to-be-invoked when a specific event occurs, such as an agent changing their state from Available to Offline. It then performs an application-defined action using the event context when said event fires. If and when an event fires is dependent on the event type. For more information, see the API Reference.

  • Request

    Refers to a request-reply model, where the SDK's client allows the 3P app to make requests on demand to retrieve data about the current contact or the logged-in agent.