Amazon MQ
Developer Guide

Migrating to Amazon MQ without Service Interruption

The following diagrams illustrate the scenario of migrating from an on-premises message broker to an Amazon MQ broker in the AWS Cloud without service interruption.


This scenario might cause messages to be delivered out of order. If you're concerned about message ordering, follow the steps in Migrating to Amazon MQ with Service Interruption.

On-Premises Message Broker Migration to Amazon MQ with Standard (Unordered) Queues

To migrate to Amazon MQ without service interruption

Create and configure an Amazon MQ broker and note your broker's endpoint, for example:


For either of the following cases, use the Failover Transport to allow your consumers to randomly connect to your on-premises broker's endpoint or your Amazon MQ broker's endpoint. For example:


Do one of the following:

  • One by one, point each existing consumer to your Amazon MQ broker's endpoint.

  • Create new consumers and point them to your Amazon MQ broker's endpoint.


    If you scale up your consumer fleet during the migration process, it is a best practice to scale it down afterward.

One by one, stop each existing producer, point the producer to your Amazon MQ broker's endpoint, and then restart the producer.

Wait for your consumers to drain the destinations on your on-premises broker.

Change your consumers' Failover transport to include only your Amazon MQ broker's endpoint. For example:


Stop your on-premises broker.