Rebooting an Amazon MQ broker - Amazon MQ

Rebooting an Amazon MQ broker

To apply a new configuration to a broker, you can reboot the broker. In addition, if your broker becomes unresponsive, you can reboot it to recover from a faulty state.

The following example shows how you can reboot an Amazon MQ broker using the AWS Management Console.

To Reboot an Amazon MQ Broker

  1. Sign in to the Amazon MQ console.

  2. From the broker list, choose the name of your broker (for example, MyBroker).

  3. On the MyBroker page, choose Actions, Reboot broker.


    Your broker will be offline while it is being rebooted.

  4. In the Reboot broker dialog box, choose Reboot.

    Rebooting the broker takes about 5 minutes.