Configurations - Amazon MQ


A configuration contains all of the settings for your RabbitMQ broker in Cuttlefish format. You can create a configuration before creating any brokers. You can then apply the configuration to one or more brokers


Making changes to a configuration does not apply the changes to the broker immediately. To apply your changes, you must wait for the next maintenance window or reboot the broker. For more information, see Amazon MQ broker configuration lifecycle.

Currently, you can't delete a configuration.

For information about creating, editing, and managing configurations, see the following:

To keep track of the changes you make to your configuration, you can create configuration revisions. For more information, see Creating and applying broker configurations.


A broker configuration has several attributes, for example:

  • A name (MyConfiguration)

  • An ID (c-1234a5b6-78cd-901e-2fgh-3i45j6k178l9)

  • An Amazon Resource Name (ARN) (arn:aws:mq:us-east-2:123456789012:configuration:c-1234a5b6-78cd-901e-2fgh-3i45j6k178l9)

For a full list of configuration attributes, see the following in the Amazon MQ REST API Reference:

For a full list of configuration revision attributes, see the following: