ReplicaSettingsUpdate - Amazon DynamoDB


Represents the settings for a global table in a Region that will be modified.



In the following list, the required parameters are described first.


The Region of the replica to be added.

Type: String

Required: Yes


Represents the settings of a global secondary index for a global table that will be modified.

Type: Array of ReplicaGlobalSecondaryIndexSettingsUpdate objects

Array Members: Minimum number of 1 item. Maximum number of 20 items.

Required: No


Auto scaling settings for managing a global table replica's read capacity units.

Type: AutoScalingSettingsUpdate object

Required: No


The maximum number of strongly consistent reads consumed per second before DynamoDB returns a ThrottlingException. For more information, see Specifying Read and Write Requirements in the Amazon DynamoDB Developer Guide.

Type: Long

Valid Range: Minimum value of 1.

Required: No

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