Amazon DynamoDB
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-08-10)

DAX SDK for Go

To run the DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) SDK for Go sample application on your Amazon EC2 instance, follow this procedure:

  1. Set up the SDK for Go on your Amazon EC2 instance:

    1. Install the Go programming language (Golang):

      sudo yum install -y golang
    2. Set the GOPATH environment variable:

      # GOROOT is the location where Go package is installed on your system export GOROOT=/usr/lib/golang # GOPATH is the location of your work directory export GOPATH=$HOME/projects # PATH in order to access go binary system wide export PATH=$PATH:$GOROOT/bin


      The preceding commands set the environment variables for your current session only. To make these settings permanent, add the commands in the ~/.bash_profile file.

    3. Test that Golang is installed and running correctly:

      go version

      The following message should appear:

      go version go1.9.6 linux/amd64/

  2. Install the DAX Golang client:

    go get
  3. Install the sample Golang application:

    go get
  4. Run the following Golang programs:

    go run $GOPATH/src/ -service dynamodb -command create-table
    go run $GOPATH/src/ -service dynamodb -command put-item

    The first program creates a DynamoDB table named TryDaxGoTable. The second program writes data to the table.

  5. Run the following Golang programs:

    go run $GOPATH/src/ -service dynamodb -command get-item
    go run $GOPATH/src/ -service dynamodb -command query
    go run $GOPATH/src/ -service dynamodb -command scan

    Take note of the timing information—the number of milliseconds required for the GetItem, Query, and Scan tests.

  6. In the previous step, you ran the programs against the DynamoDB endpoint. Now, run the programs again—but this time, the GetItem, Query, and Scan operations are processed by your DAX cluster.

    To determine the endpoint for your DAX cluster, choose one of the following:

    • Using the DynamoDB console — Choose your DAX cluster. The cluster endpoint is shown on the console; for example:
    • Using the AWS CLI — Type the following command:

      aws dax describe-clusters --query "Clusters[*].ClusterDiscoveryEndpoint"

      The cluster endpoint port and address are shown in the output; for example:

      { "Port": 8111, "Address":"" }

    Now run the programs again—but this time, specify the cluster endpoint as a command line parameter:

    go run $GOPATH/src/ -service dax -command get-item -endpoint
    go run $GOPATH/src/ -service dax -command query -endpoint
    go run $GOPATH/src/ -service dax -command scan -endpoint

    Look at the rest of the output, and take note of the timing information. The elapsed times for GetItem, Query, and Scan should be significantly lower with DAX than with DynamoDB.

  7. Run the following Golang program to delete TryDaxGoTable:

    go run $GOPATH/src/ -service dynamodb -command delete-table