Amazon DynamoDB
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-08-10)

Step 3: Create a DAX Cluster

Follow this procedure to create a DAX cluster in your default Amazon VPC:

  1. Get the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for your service role:

    aws iam get-role \ --role-name DAXServiceRole \ --query "Role.Arn" --output text

    In the output, take note of the service role ARN. For example:


  2. You are now ready to create your DAX cluster:

    aws dax create-cluster \ --cluster-name mydaxcluster \ --node-type dax.r4.large \ --replication-factor 3 \ --iam-role-arn roleARN \ --subnet-group my-subnet-group \ --sse-specification Enabled=true \ --region us-west-2

    Replace roleARN with the ARN from the previous step.

    All of the nodes in the cluster will be of type dax.r3.large (--node-type). There will be three nodes (--replication-factor)—one primary node and two replicas.

To view the cluster status, type the following command:

aws dax describe-clusters

The status is shown in the output. For example: "Status": "creating"


Creating the cluster will take several minutes. When the cluster is ready, its status changes to available.

In the meantime, you can proceed to Step 4: Configure Security Group Inbound Rules and follow the instructions there.