Amazon DynamoDB
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-08-10)

Step 2: Create a DAX Cluster

Follow this procedure to create a DAX cluster in your default Amazon VPC:

  1. Open the DynamoDB console at

  2. In the navigation pane, beneath the DAX heading, choose Clusters.

  3. Choose Create cluster.

  4. In the Create cluster window, do the following:

    1. Cluster name—type a short name for your DAX cluster.

    2. Cluster description—type a description for the cluster.

    3. Node type—choose the node type for all of the nodes in the cluster.

    4. Cluster size—choose the number of nodes in the cluster. A cluster consists of one primary node, and up to nine read replicas.


      If you want to create a single-node cluster, choose 1. Your cluster will consist of one primary node.

      If you want to create a multi-node cluster, choose a number between 2 (one primary and one read replica) and 10 (one primary and nine read replicas).

    5. IAM role—choose Create new, and enter the following information:

      • IAM role name—type a name for an IAM role. For example: DAXServiceRole. The console will create a new IAM role , and your DAX cluster assume this role at runtime.

      • IAM policy name—type a name for an IAM policy. For example: DAXServicePolicy. The console will create a new IAM policy, and attach the policy to the IAM role.

      • IAM role policy—choose Read/Write. This will allow the DAX cluster to perform read and write operations in DynamoDB.

      • Target DynamoDB table—choose All tables.

    6. Subnet group—choose the subnet group that you created in Step 1: Create a Subnet Group.

    7. Security Groups—choose default.

  5. When the settings are as you want them, choose Launch cluster.

On the Clusters screen, your DAX cluster will be listed with a status of Creating.


Creating the cluster will take several minutes. When the cluster is ready, its status changes to Available.

In the meantime, you can proceed to Step 3: Configure Security Group Inbound Rules and follow the instructions there.