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Step 4: Add a New Movie to the Movies Table

In this step of the Microsoft .NET and DynamoDB Tutorial, you add a new movie record to the Movies table in Amazon DynamoDB. The Main function in DynamoDB_intro starts by creating a DynamoDB document model Document and then waits on WritingNewMovie_async, which is implemented in the 04_WritingNewItem.cs file:

using System; using System.Threading.Tasks; using Amazon.DynamoDBv2.DocumentModel; namespace DynamoDB_intro { public static partial class Ddb_Intro { /*-------------------------------------------------------------------------- * WritingNewMovie *--------------------------------------------------------------------------*/ public static async Task WritingNewMovie_async( Document newItem ) { operationSucceeded = false; operationFailed = false; int year = (int) newItem["year"]; string name = newItem["title"]; if( await ReadingMovie_async( year, name, false ) ) Console.WriteLine( " The {0} movie \"{1}\" is already in the Movies table...\n" + " -- No need to add it again... its info is as follows:\n{2}", year, name, movie_record.ToJsonPretty( ) ); else { try { Task<Document> writeNew = moviesTable.PutItemAsync(newItem, token); Console.WriteLine(" -- Writing a new movie to the Movies table..."); await writeNew; Console.WriteLine(" -- Wrote the item successfully!"); operationSucceeded = true; } catch (Exception ex) { Console.WriteLine(" FAILED to write the new movie, because:\n {0}.", ex.Message); operationFailed = true; } } } } }

WritingNewMovie_async begins by checking to determine whether the new movie has already been added to the Movies table. If it has not, it waits for the DynamoDB Table.PutItemAsyn method to add the new movie record.

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