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DynamoDB throughput capacity

A table’s throughput capacity mode determines how the capacity of a table is managed. Throughput capacity also determines how you're charged for the read and write operations on your tables. In Amazon DynamoDB, you can choose between on-demand mode and provisioned mode for your tables to accommodate different workload requirements.

DynamoDB capacity modes overview

This section provides an overview of the two capacity modes available for your DynamoDB table and considerations in selecting the appropriate capacity mode for your application. These modes allow you to meet different needs based on requirements for responsiveness and how usage is managed.

On-demand mode

Amazon DynamoDB on-demand is a serverless billing option that can serve millions of requests per second without capacity planning. DynamoDB on-demand offers pay-per-request pricing for read and write requests so that you only pay for what you use.. For on-demand mode tables, you don't need to specify how much read and write throughput you expect your application to perform.

With on-demand mode, DynamoDB handles all aspects of throughput management. You can make API calls as needed without managing throughput capacity on the table.

On-demand capacity mode might be the best for you if any of the following apply:

  • You’re just getting started with Amazon DynamoDB.

  • You’re developing, testing, prototyping, and running in production new applications where the traffic pattern is unknown.

  • Your application has bursty, intermittent, or unpredictable traffic that is hard to forecast.

  • You prefer the ease of paying for only what you use.

For more information, see On-demand capacity mode.

Provisioned mode

In provisioned mode, you specify the number of reads and writes per second that you require for your application. You'll be charged for the throughput capacity even if you don't fully utilize the provisioned capacity. You'll be charged based on the hourly read and write capacity you have provisioned. You can use Auto Scaling to adjust your table’s provisioned capacity automatically in response to traffic changes. This helps you govern your DynamoDB use to stay at or below a defined request rate in order to obtain cost predictability.

Provisioned capacity mode might be the best for you if any of the following apply:

  • You have predictable or cyclical application traffic.

  • You run applications where the traffic is consistent or ramps gradually.

  • You can forecast capacity requirements to control costs.

  • You have limited short-term bursts of traffic.

For more information, see Provisioned capacity mode.

The following video provides an introduction to table throughput capacity. This video also describes how to select a capacity mode based on your requirements.