Data modeling schema design packages in DynamoDB - Amazon DynamoDB

Data modeling schema design packages in DynamoDB

This section covers the data layer to go over different examples you can use in your DynamoDB table design. Each example will go over their use case, access patterns, how to achieve the access patterns, and then what the final schema will look like.

Image showing the conceptual relationship between the data, the blocks that sit under them, and then the foundation that sits under the blocks. Emphasis on the foundation.


Before we attempt to design our schema for DynamoDB, we must first gather some prerequisite data on the use case the schema needs to support. Unlike relational databases, DynamoDB is sharded by default, meaning that the data will live on multiple servers behind the scenes so designing for data locality is important. We'll need to put together the following list for each schema design:

  • List of entities (ER Diagram)

  • Estimated volumes and throughput for each entity

  • Access patterns that need to be supported (queries and writes)

  • Data retention requirements