Connecting to live datasets - Amazon DynamoDB

Connecting to live datasets

To connect to your Amazon DynamoDB tables with NoSQL Workbench, you must first connect to your AWS account.

To add a connection to your database
  1. In NoSQL Workbench, in the navigation pane on the left side, choose the Operation builder icon.

                        Console screenshot showing the operation builder icon.
  2. Choose Add connection.

                        Console screenshot showing the add connection button.
  3. Specify the following information:

    • Account alias

    • AWS Region

    • Access key ID

    • Secret access key

    For more information about how to obtain the access keys, see Getting an AWS access key.

    You can optionally, specify the following:

  4. Choose Connect.

                        Console screenshot showing the connect button.

    If you don't want to sign up for a free tier account, and prefer to use DynamoDB local (downloadable version):

    1. Choose the Local tab on the connection screen.

    2. Specify the following information:

      • Connection name

      • Port

    3. Choose the connect button.

                                Console screenshot showing the Create table button.
  5. On the created connection, choose Open.

                        Console screenshot showing the open button.

After connecting to your DynamoDB database, the list of available tables appears in the left pane. Choose one of the tables to return a sample of the data stored in the table.

You can now run queries against the selected table.

To run queries on a table
  1. In the Attribute name list, choose the attribute that you want to query on.

  2. Specify the comparison operator.

  3. Specify the data type of the value.

  4. Specify the value to query for.

  5. Choose Scan.

For more information about this operation, see Scan in the Amazon DynamoDB API Reference.