Amazon Glacier
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-06-01)

Supported Operations in Amazon Glacier

To work with vaults and archives (see Amazon Glacier Data Model), Amazon Glacier supports a set of operations. Among all the supported operations, only the following operations are asynchronous:

  • Retrieving an archive

  • Retrieving a vault inventory (list of archives)

These operations require you to first initiate a job and then download the job output. The following sections summarize the Amazon Glacier operations:

Vault Operations

Amazon Glacier provides operations to create and delete vaults. You can obtain a vault description for a specific vault or for all vaults in a region. The vault description provides information such as creation date, number of archives in the vault, total size in bytes used by all the archives in the vault, and the date Amazon Glacier generated the vault inventory. Amazon Glacier also provides operations to set, retrieve, and delete a notification configuration on the vault. For more information, see Working with Vaults in Amazon Glacier.

Archive Operations

Amazon Glacier provides operations for you to upload and delete archives. You cannot update an existing archive; you must delete the existing archive and upload a new archive. Note that each time you upload an archive, Amazon Glacier generates a new archive ID. For more information, see Working with Archives in Amazon Glacier.


You can initiate an Amazon Glacier job to perform a select query on an archive, retrieve an archive, or get an inventory of a vault.

The following are the types of Amazon Glacier jobs: