Amazon Glacier
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-06-01)

Step 5: Delete an Archive from a Vault in Amazon Glacier

In this step, you delete the sample archive you uploaded in Step 3: Upload an Archive to a Vault in Amazon Glacier.


You cannot delete an archive using the Amazon Glacier console. Any archive operation, such as upload, download, or deletion, requires that you use the AWS Config (CLI) or write code. For example, to upload data, such as photos, videos, and other documents, you must either use the AWS CLI or write code to make requests, using either the REST API directly or by using the AWS SDKs. For more information about using Amazon Glacier with the AWS CLI, go to AWS CLI Reference for Amazon Glacier. To install the AWS CLI, go to AWS Command Line Interface.

Depending on which SDK you are using, delete the sample archive by following one of these steps:

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