Amazon Q feature development - Amazon Q Developer

Amazon Q Developer is in preview release and is subject to change.

Amazon Q feature development

Amazon Q Developer can help you develop code features and projects in your programming language of choice. You explain the feature you want to develop, and Amazon Q uses the context of your current project to generate a detailed implementation plan that includes what code changes you should make. You can develop features with Amazon Q to help you build AWS projects or your own applications.

You can start an entirely new project, or work on an open project in your integrated development environment (IDE). If you want to start a new project, you need to open a workspace folder. If you want to update an existing project, Amazon Q uses all files in the /src folder of your current project as context. If the /src folder isn't found, Amazon Q uses your workspace root.

To get started, open up a file in your project and enter /dev in the Amazon Q chat panel. You can also enter your feature directly after /dev. For example, /dev implement fibonacci. A new conversation opens in a new tab where you interact with Amazon Q to generate an implementation plan for your feature.

Develop a feature with /dev

To get an implementation plan to develop a feature in your IDE, complete the following steps.

  1. Open a project in your IDE, and then enter /dev in the Amazon Q chat panel.

  2. A new tab opens. Enter a description of the feature that you want to develop or the issue that you want to resolve. You can provide a brief overview of a task, or add more details. Amazon Q uses your description and the code in your project to devise an implementation plan.

  3. Amazon Q responds with an implementation plan, including the code updates that it would make to complete the task you described.

  4. Review the implementation plan that Amazon Q generates. If you want to change anything about the plan, enter modifications or more details to clarify what you want to achieve.

  5. When you're satisfied with the implementation plan, use the plan to develop your new feature.

    To develop another feature with Amazon Q in the same tab, choose Discuss a new plan. Your previous conversation and implementation plan aren't used as context for the new plan.