AWS Flow Framework for Java
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-01-25)

AWS Flow Framework for Java Packages

This section provides an overview of the packages included with the AWS Flow Framework for Java. For more information about each package, see the in the AWS SDK for Java API Reference.

Contains components that integrate with Amazon SWF.

Contains the annotations used by the AWS Flow Framework for Java programming model.

Contains AWS Flow Framework for Java components required for features such as @Asynchronous and @ExponentialRetry.

Contains common utilities such as framework-defined constants.

Contains core features such as Task and Promise.

Contains core components, such as generic clients, that other features build on.

Contains implementations of framework provided decorators including RetryDecorator.

Contains components that provide Junit integration.

Contains classes that implement activity and workflow definitions for the annotation-based programming model.

Contains components that provide Spring integration.

Contains helper classes, such as TestWorkflowClock, for unit testing workflow implementations.

Contains implementations of activity and workflow workers.