Setting Up

To set up and use the AWS Flow Framework for Ruby, you will need to meet the prerequisites and then install the framework.


Before you can install the framework, you must have the following software installed:

  • Ruby 1.9 or greater – The AWS Flow Framework for Ruby relies on fibers, which were introduced with Ruby version 1.9.1. To determine the version of Ruby that you have installed, use the following command:

    ruby --version

    For information about installing Ruby for the first time, or about updating your Ruby version, visit

  • AWS SDK for Ruby – The AWS Flow Framework for Ruby is built upon the AWS SDK for Ruby. If you use RubyGems to install the framework, then the SDK for Ruby will be automatically downloaded and installed for you—you can ignore this prerequisite. Otherwise, you will need to obtain and install the AWS SDK for Ruby before installing the AWS Flow Framework for Ruby.

Installing the Framework#

You can install the AWS Flow Framework for Ruby using RubyGems or by downloading the source code and building it yourself.

Installing with RubyGems#

If you have Ruby and RubyGems installed, you can install the framework on your system with the following command:

gem install aws-flow

This command will also install any additional libraries needed by the framework.

Building and Installing from Source#

Before building the AWS Flow Framework for Ruby from source, you will first need to make sure that you have both of the prerequisites installed. You should also have Bundler installed on your system, which will make it easy to assemble all of the dependencies for the framework. Then, use the following procedure to get the framework installed on your system.

To build and install the framework from source

  1. Download the source code from There are two ways to do this:

    • Clone the repository on your local system using either of the following git commands, depending on whether you authenticate Git with SSH or HTTPS:

      SSH git clone
      HTTPS git clone
    • Download the code in a .zip archive using the URL and unpack the archive on your local system.

  2. Using the command line, navigate to the directory where you cloned (or unpacked) the source code, and then enter the aws-flow directory. For example, if you downloaded the source and unpacked it in your Downloads directory, you would type:

    cd Downloads/aws-flow-ruby-master/aws-flow
  3. Install the framework with Bundler:

    bundle install