Amazon Simple Workflow Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-01-25)

Web Resources for the Amazon Simple Workflow Service

There are a number of Web resources that you can use to learn more about Amazon SWF or to get help with using the service and developing workflows.

Amazon SWF Forum

The Amazon SWF forum provides a place for you to communicate with other Amazon SWF developers and members of the Amazon SWF development team at Amazon to ask questions and to get answers.

You can visit the forum at: Forum: Amazon Simple Workflow Service. You must be signed in to your AWS account to view the forum.

Amazon SWF FAQ

The Amazon SWF FAQ provide answers to frequently-asked questions about Amazon SWF, including an overview of common use cases, differences between Amazon SWF and other services, and more.

You can access the FAQ here: Amazon SWF FAQ.

Amazon SWF Videos

The Amazon Web Services channel on YouTube provides video training for all of Amazon's Web Services, including Amazon SWF.

Videos are updated frequently; for a full list of Amazon SWF-related videos, you can use the following query: Simple Workflow in Amazon Web Services

Amazon SWF Source Code and Samples

The source code for the AWS Flow Framework for Ruby is available on GitHub. You can use the following links to access it and its associated samples and recipes.