Amazon Simple Workflow Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-01-25)

List of Amazon SWF Actions by Category

This section lists the reference topics for Amazon SWF actions in the Amazon SWF application programming interface (API). These are listed by functional category.

For an alphabetic list of actions, see the Amazon Simple Workflow Service API Reference.

Actions Related to Activities

Activity workers use PollForActivityTask to get new activity tasks. After a worker receives an activity task from Amazon SWF, it performs the task and responds using RespondActivityTaskCompleted if successful or RespondActivityTaskFailed if unsuccessful.

The following are actions that are performed by activity workers.

Actions Related to Deciders

Deciders use PollForDecisionTask to get decision tasks. After a decider receives a decision task from Amazon SWF, it examines its workflow execution history and decides what to do next. It calls RespondDecisionTaskCompleted to complete the decision task and provides zero or more next decisions.

The following are actions that are performed by deciders.

Actions Related to Workflow Executions

The following actions operate on a workflow execution.

Actions Related to Administration

Although you can perform administrative tasks from the Amazon SWF console, you can use the actions in this section to automate functions or build your own administrative tools.

Activity Management

Workflow Management

Domain Management

These actions allow you to register and deprecate Amazon SWF domains.

For more information and examples of these domain management actions, see Registering a Domain with Amazon SWF.

Workflow Execution Management

Visibility Actions

Although you can perform visibility actions from the Amazon SWF console, you can use the actions in this section to build your own console or administrative tools.

Activity Visibility

Workflow Visibility

Workflow Execution Visibility

Domain Visibility

Task List Visibility