Automatic build-time generation of Amplify config - AWS Amplify

Automatic build-time generation of Amplify config

Amplify now supports the automatic build-time generation of the Amplify config aws-exports.js file. By turning off full stack CI/CD deployments, you enable your app to autogenerate the aws-exports.js file and ensure that updates are not made to your backend at build-time.

To autogenerate aws-exports.js at build-time

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amplify Console.

  2. Choose the app to edit.

  3. Choose the Frontend environments tab.

  4. Locate the branch to edit and choose Edit.

                  The location of the Edit link for a branch in the Amplify
  5. On the Edit target background page, uncheck Enable full-stack continuous deployments (CI/CD) to turn off full-stack CI/CD for this backend.

                  The location of the checkbox to turn off CI/CD in the Amplify
  6. Select an existing service role to give Amplify the permissions it requires to make changes to your app backend. If you need to create a service role, choose Create new role. For more information about creating a service role, see Adding a service role to the Amplify Console when you connect an app.

  7. Choose Save. The Amplify Console applies these changes the next time you build the app.