Deploy to Amplify button - AWS Amplify Hosting

Deploy to Amplify button

The Deploy to Amplify Console button enables you to share GitHub projects publicly or within your team. The following is an image of the button:

Add ‘Deploy to Amplify Console’ button to your repository or blog

Add this button to your GitHub file, blog post, or any other markup page that renders HTML. The button has the following two components:

  1. An SVG image:

  2. The Amplify console URL with a link to your GitHub repository. Copy your repo URL (e.g. only or provide a deep link into a specific folder (e.g. Amplify hosting will deploy the default branch in your repository. Additional branches can be connected after the app is connected.

To add the button to a markdown file (e.g. your GitHub, replace with your repository name.


To add the button to any HTML document, use the following html example:

<a href=""> <img src="" alt="Deploy to Amplify Console"> </a>