Wildcard subdomains - AWS Amplify Hosting

Wildcard subdomains

Amplify Hosting now supports wildcard subdomains. A wildcard subdomain is a catch-all subdomain that enables you to point existing and non-existing subdomains to a specific branch of your application. When you use a wildcard to associate all subdomains in an app to a specific branch, you can serve the same content to your app's users in any subdomain and avoid configuring each subdomain individually.

To create a wildcard subdomain, specify an asterisk (*) as the subdomain name. For example, if you specify the wildcard subdomain *.example.com for a specific branch of your app, any URL that ends with example.com will be routed to the branch. In this case, requests for dev.example.com and prod.example.com will be routed to the *.example.com subdomain.

Note that Amplify supports wildcard subdomains only for a custom domain. You can't use this feature with the default amplifyapp.com domain.

The following requirements apply to wildcard subdomains:

  • The subdomain name must be specified with an asterisk (*) only.

  • You can't use a wildcard to replace part of a subdomain name, like this: *domain.example.com.

  • You can't replace a subdomain in the middle of a domain name, like this: subdomain.*.example.com.

  • By default, all Amplify provisioned certificates cover all subdomains for a custom domain.

To add or delete a wildcard subdomain

After adding a custom domain to an app, you can add a wildcard subdomain for an app branch.

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amplify Hosting console.

  2. Choose your app that you want to manage wildcard subdomains for.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Hosting, and then choose Custom domains.

  4. On the Custom domains page, choose Domain configuration.

  5. In the Subdomains section, you can add or delete wildcard subdomains.

    • To add a new wildcard subdomain

      1. Choose Add new.

      2. For the subdomain, enter an *.

      3. For your app branch, select a branch name from the list.

      4. Choose Save.

    • To delete a wildcard subdomain

      1. Choose Remove next to the subdomain name. Traffic to a subdomain that is not explicitly configured stops, and Amplify Hosting returns a 404 status code to those requests.

      2. Choose Save.