Amazon API Gateway REST API Reference


Simulates the execution of an Method with headers, parameters, and an incoming request body.

HTTP Request

POST /restapis/<restapi_id>/resources/<resource_id>/methods/<http_method>

Request Body

  "pathWithQueryString" : "String",
  "body" : "String",
  "headers" : {
    "String" : "String"
  "multiValueHeaders" : {
    "String" : [ "String" ]
  "clientCertificateId" : "String",
  "stageVariables" : {
    "String" : "String"

Request Body Fields

The request accepts the following fields in JSON format.

  • pathWithQueryString
  • The URI path, including query string, of the simulated invocation request. Use this to specify path parameters and query string parameters.

  • body
  • The simulated request body of an incoming invocation request.

  • headers
  • A key-value map of headers to simulate an incoming invocation request.

  • multiValueHeaders
  • The headers as a map from string to list of values to simulate an incoming invocation request.

  • clientCertificateId
  • A ClientCertificate identifier to use in the test invocation. API Gateway will use the certificate when making the HTTPS request to the defined back-end endpoint.

  • stageVariables
  • A key-value map of stage variables to simulate an invocation on a deployed Stage.




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