Amazon API Gateway REST API Reference

An API Gateway VPC link for a RestApi to access resources in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Relation Description Method Templated

A relation that refers to the current resource.


Updates an existing VpcLink of a specified identifier.


Deletes an existing VpcLink of a specified identifier.



  "id" : "String",
  "name" : "String",
  "description" : "String",
  "targetArns" : [ "String" ],
  "status" : "String",
  "statusMessage" : "String",
  "tags" : {
    "String" : "String"

  • id
  • The identifier of the VpcLink. It is used in an Integration to reference this VpcLink.

  • name
  • The name used to label and identify the VPC link.

  • description
  • The description of the VPC link.

  • targetArns
  • The ARN of the network load balancer of the VPC targeted by the VPC link. The network load balancer must be owned by the same AWS account of the API owner.

  • status
  • The status of the VPC link. The valid values are AVAILABLE, PENDING, DELETING, or FAILED. Deploying an API will wait if the status is PENDING and will fail if the status is DELETING.

  • statusMessage
  • A description about the VPC link status.

  • tags
  • The collection of tags. Each tag element is associated with a given resource.


To enable access to a resource in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud through Amazon API Gateway, you, as an API developer, create a VpcLink resource targeted for one or more network load balancers of the VPC and then integrate an API method with a private integration that uses the VpcLink. The private integration has an integration type of HTTP or HTTP_PROXY and has a connection type of VPC_LINK. The integration uses the connectionId property to identify the VpcLink used.

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