Amazon API Gateway
Developer Guide

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Through the example API, we became familiar with the basic workflow for creating an API in API Gateway. The process is summarized as follows:

  1. Create an API as a RestApi resource in your AWS account.

  2. Add a Resource resource to the Resources hierarchy of the newly created API.

  3. Create a Method resource for the Resource. The API method represents a programming interface between a client and API Gateway.

  4. Set up the integration of the method with a backend endpoint. The integration represents an interface between the API Gateway and a backend endpoint.

When a user accesses the backend service through the API, the client submits an HTTP request to API Gateway. This submission puts the request through the Method Request and then Integration Request before reaching the backend. The backend then returns a response to API Gateway. The response then passes from Integration Response to Method Response before the client receives the response. The MOCK integrations demonstrated in this example API are perhaps the simplest cases of pre-processing and post-processing of requests or responses by API Gateway. We cover other cases elsewhere in this guide.

Next, we move on to learning how to build and test a more nimble and powerful API with proxy integrations.