Amazon API Gateway
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Amazon API Gateway Videos

This section provides several AWS instructional videos for Amazon API Gateway that can serve as additional getting started resources for you.

Amazon API Gateway Videos from Twitch Build On AWS Event Series

The following videos are from the Build On AWS event series on

Introduction to Building Happy Little APIs (1 minute, YouTube website)

This video briefly introduces the Building Happy Little APIs video series.

Building Happy Little APIs | Episode 1 – I Didn’t Know Amazon API Gateway Did That (60 minutes, YouTube website)

This video is an introduction to Amazon API Gateway and the problems it can solve. It discusses the moving parts of API Gateway and gives examples of possible use cases. This overview aims to give you a solid understanding of why you should use API Gateway and what it can do for you.

Building Happy Little APIs | Episode 2 – No REST for the Weary (55 minutes, YouTube website)

This video shows you how to build a simple application that uses Amazon API Gateway with an AWS Lambda function for a backend. You'll learn how to use the AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) to model the API and the application behind it. You'll also learn the difference between integrations and proxying and when to use each.

Other Amazon API Gateway Videos

The following videos are available on the AWS Online Tech Talks channel on the YouTube website.

Building APIs with Amazon API Gateway (43 minutes, YouTube website)

This video describes the capabilities of Amazon API Gateway, and shows how you can get started building APIs.

Best Practices for Building Enterprise Grade APIs with Amazon API Gateway (40 minutes, YouTube website)

This video shows you how to use Amazon API Gateway with other AWS services to design and operate enterprise-ready APIs. You'll learn about best practices to help you create, maintain, and secure your enterprise APIs.