Amazon API Gateway
Developer Guide

Specify Route Request Settings

Specify Route Request Settings for $connect


    When you set up the $connect route for your API, the following optional settings are available to enable authorization for your API. For more information, see The $connect Route.

    • Authorization: If no authorization is needed, you can specify NONE. Otherwise, you can specify:

      • AWS_IAM to use standard AWS IAM policies to control access to your API.

      • CUSTOM to implement authorization for an API by specifying a Lambda authorizer function that you have previously created. The authorizer can reside in your own AWS account or a different AWS account. For more information about Lambda authorizers, see Use API Gateway Lambda Authorizers.


        In the API Gateway console, the CUSTOM setting is visible only after you have set up an authorizer function as described in Configure a Lambda Authorizer Using the API Gateway Console.


      The Authorization setting is applied to the entire API, not just the $connect route. The $connect route protects the other routes, because it is called on every connection.

    • API Key Required: You can optionally require an API key for an API's $connect route. You can use API keys together with usage plans to control and track access to your APIs. For more information, see Create and Use Usage Plans with API Keys.

    Set up the $connect Route Request Using the API Gateway Console

    To set up the $connect route request for a WebSocket API using the API Gateway console:

    1. Sign in to the API Gateway console, choose the API, and choose Routes.

    2. Under Routes, choose $connect.

    3. Choose Route Request in the route overview pane.

    4. Under Access Settings, configure the route settings as follows:

      1. To edit the Authorization setting, choose the pencil icon. Choose the desired setting from the dropdown menu and choose the checkmark icon to save the new setting.

      2. To edit the API Key Required setting, choose the pencil icon. Choose true or false from the dropdown menu and choose the checkmark icon to save the new setting.