Applications you can containerize using AWS App2Container - AWS App2Container

Applications you can containerize using AWS App2Container

App2Container supports the following application types:

  • Java applications (Linux)

  • ASP.NET applications (Windows)


App2Container does not containerize database layer components. If your application requires access to a database, you must configure your application container to have access to the database server.

App2Container for Linux supports identification and containerization of Java applications. The CLI identifies Java processes, and can generate container images that replicate the running state of each process. App2Container determines which files to include in the application container image, based on the Java application framework.

For supported application frameworks, App2Container targets only the application files and dependencies that are needed for containerization, thereby minimizing the size of the resulting container image. If App2Container does not find a supported framework running on your application server, or if you have other dependent processes running on your server, App2Container takes a conservative approach to identifying dependencies. For process mode, all non-system files on the application server are included in the container image.

Application mode is supported for the following Java application frameworks:

  • Tomcat

  • TomEE

  • JBoss (standalone mode)

Supported Linux distributions:

  • Ubuntu

  • CentOS

  • RHEL

  • Amazon Linux

Unsupported for Java application frameworks:

  • Cluster/HA mode

App2Container supports containerization of ASP.NET applications deployed on IIS, running on Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, or Windows Server Core 2004. It uses Windows Server Core as a base image for its container artifacts, matching the Windows Server Core version to the operating system (OS) version of the server where you run containerization commands.

If you use a worker machine to containerize your application, the version matches your worker machine OS. If you are running containerization directly on application servers, the version matches your application server OS.

If your applications are running on Windows Server 2008 or 2012 R2, you might still be able to use App2Container by setting up a worker machine for containerization and deployment steps. App2Container does not support applications running on Windows client operating systems, such as Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Application framework and system requirements

  • Containerization commands must be run on Windows OS versions that support containers: Windows Server 2016 or 2019, or Windows Server Core 2004. This can be the worker machine, if you configure one, or the application server.

  • If you use a worker machine to run containerization commands, App2Container supports Windows Server 2003 and up for the application server.

  • IIS 7.5 or later.

  • .NET framework version 3.5 or later.

  • Docker version 17.07 or later (to install).

Unsupported applications

  • ASP.NET applications that depend on WCF

  • ASP.NET applications that use files and registries outside of IIS web application directories

  • ASP.NET applications that depend on other Windows services or processes outside of IIS

  • ASP.NET applications that depend on features of a Windows operating system version prior to Windows Server Core 2016