ListHostedConfigurationVersions - AWS AppConfig


Lists configurations stored in the AWS AppConfig hosted configuration store by version.

Request Syntax

GET /applications/ApplicationId/configurationprofiles/ConfigurationProfileId/hostedconfigurationversions?max_results=MaxResults&next_token=NextToken&version_label=VersionLabel HTTP/1.1

URI Request Parameters

The request uses the following URI parameters.


The application ID.

Pattern: [a-z0-9]{4,7}

Required: Yes


The configuration profile ID.

Pattern: [a-z0-9]{4,7}

Required: Yes


The maximum number of items to return for this call. The call also returns a token that you can specify in a subsequent call to get the next set of results.

Valid Range: Minimum value of 1. Maximum value of 50.


A token to start the list. Use this token to get the next set of results.

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 2048.


An optional filter that can be used to specify the version label of an AWS AppConfig hosted configuration version. This parameter supports filtering by prefix using a wildcard, for example "v2*". If you don't specify an asterisk at the end of the value, only an exact match is returned.

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 64.

Request Body

The request does not have a request body.

Response Syntax

HTTP/1.1 200 Content-type: application/json { "Items": [ { "ApplicationId": "string", "ConfigurationProfileId": "string", "ContentType": "string", "Description": "string", "KmsKeyArn": "string", "VersionLabel": "string", "VersionNumber": number } ], "NextToken": "string" }

Response Elements

If the action is successful, the service sends back an HTTP 200 response.

The following data is returned in JSON format by the service.


The elements from this collection.

Type: Array of HostedConfigurationVersionSummary objects


The token for the next set of items to return. Use this token to get the next set of results.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 2048.


For information about the errors that are common to all actions, see Common Errors.


The input fails to satisfy the constraints specified by an AWS service.

HTTP Status Code: 400


There was an internal failure in the AWS AppConfig service.

HTTP Status Code: 500


The requested resource could not be found.

HTTP Status Code: 404



This example illustrates one usage of ListHostedConfigurationVersions.

Sample Request

GET /applications/abc1234/configurationprofiles/ur8hx2f/hostedconfigurationversions HTTP/1.1 Host: Accept-Encoding: identity User-Agent: aws-cli/2.2.4 Python/3.8.8 Linux/5.4.134-73.228.amzn2int.x86_64 exe/x86_64.amzn.2 prompt/off command/appconfig.list-hosted-configuration-versions X-Amz-Date: 20210920T183555Z Authorization: AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 Credential=AKIAIOSFODNN7EXAMPLE/20210920/us-east-1/appconfig/aws4_request, SignedHeaders=host;x-amz-date, Signature=39c3b3042cd2aEXAMPLE

Sample Response

{ "Items": [ { "ApplicationId": "abc1234", "ConfigurationProfileId": "ur8hx2f", "VersionNumber": 1, "ContentType": "application/json" } ] }

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