Step 1: Creating an AWS AppConfig application - AWS AppConfig

Step 1: Creating an AWS AppConfig application

An application in AWS AppConfig is a logical unit of code that provides capabilities for your customers. For example, an application can be a microservice that runs on EC2 instances, a mobile application installed by your users, a serverless application using Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda, or any system you run on behalf of others.

Use the following procedure to create an AWS AppConfig application by using the AWS Systems Manager console.

To create an application

  1. Open the AWS Systems Manager console at

  2. In the navigation pane choose AWS AppConfig.

  3. On the Applications tab, choose Create application.

  4. For Name, enter a name for the application.

  5. For Description, enter information about the application.

  6. In the Tags section, enter a key and an optional value. You can specify a maximum of 50 tags for a resource.

  7. Choose Create application.

AWS AppConfig creates the application and then displays the Environments tab. Proceed to Step 2: Creating an environment. You can begin the procedure where it states, "On the Environments tab..."