Amazon Honeycode - Amazon AppFlow

Amazon Honeycode

The following are the requirements and connection instructions for using Amazon Honeycode with Amazon AppFlow.


You can use Amazon Honeycode as a destination only. Amazon Honeycode is only available as an Amazon AppFlow destination in the AWS US West (Oregon) Region.

Connection instructions

To create a flow with Amazon Honeycode as the destination
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon AppFlow console at

  2. Choose Create flow and enter a name for your flow.

  3. (Optional) To add a tag, choose Tags, Add tag and then enter the key name and value.

  4. Choose Next.

  5. For Source details, choose one of the supported sources such as Salesforce, and provide the requested information.

  6. For Destination details, choose Amazon Honeycode as the destination. If you are connecting to Amazon Honeycode for the first time, follow the instructions to complete the OAuth workflow and create a connection profile.

  7. Select the workbook and table that are enabled in your account. You can select only one workbook and one table at a time.

  8. Specify an error handling option to determine what action Amazon AppFlow takes if it can’t write a record to the destination. If data can't be transferred to Amazon Honeycode, Amazon AppFlow writes that data to the Amazon S3 location of your choice. You can also choose to Stop the current flow run or Ignore and continue the flow run.

  9. Choose a trigger for your flow. When using Amazon Honeycode as a destination, the Run on demand and Run flow on schedule options are available.

  10. Choose Next.

  11. For field mapping, choose Map all fields directly. Alternatively, you can manually select the fields that you want to use from the Source field name list.

  12. (Optional) Under Validations - optional, add validations to check whether a field has bad data. For each field, choose the condition that indicates bad data and what action Amazon AppFlow should take when a field in a record is bad.

  13. Choose Next.

  14. (Optional) Specify a filter to determine which records to transfer. To add a filter, choose Add filter, select the field name, select a condition, and then specify the criteria.

  15. Choose Next.

  16. Review the settings and then choose Create flow.


  • This integration with Amazon Honeycode currently supports the append functionality only. You can add new records to existing workbooks and tables, but you cannot update existing records at this time.

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