StartDataCollectionByAgentIds - AWS Application Discovery Service


Instructs the specified agents to start collecting data.

Request Syntax

{ "agentIds": [ "string" ] }

Request Parameters

For information about the parameters that are common to all actions, see Common Parameters.

The request accepts the following data in JSON format.


The IDs of the agents from which to start collecting data. If you send a request to an agent ID that you do not have permission to contact, according to your AWS account, the service does not throw an exception. Instead, it returns the error in the Description field. If you send a request to multiple agents and you do not have permission to contact some of those agents, the system does not throw an exception. Instead, the system shows Failed in the Description field.

Type: Array of strings

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 10. Maximum length of 20.

Pattern: \S+

Required: Yes

Response Syntax

{ "agentsConfigurationStatus": [ { "agentId": "string", "description": "string", "operationSucceeded": boolean } ] }

Response Elements

If the action is successful, the service sends back an HTTP 200 response.

The following data is returned in JSON format by the service.


Information about agents that were instructed to start collecting data. Information includes the agent ID, a description of the operation performed, and whether the agent configuration was updated.

Type: Array of AgentConfigurationStatus objects


For information about the errors that are common to all actions, see Common Errors.


The user does not have permission to perform the action. Check the IAM policy associated with this user.

HTTP Status Code: 400


The home Region is not set. Set the home Region to continue.

HTTP Status Code: 400


One or more parameters are not valid. Verify the parameters and try again.

HTTP Status Code: 400


The value of one or more parameters are either invalid or out of range. Verify the parameter values and try again.

HTTP Status Code: 400


The server experienced an internal error. Try again.

HTTP Status Code: 500


Start data collection by agent ids for one agent

In the following example, multiple agent ids are passed to the required parameter agentIds to start one agent. In the response, the first agent id returned is reported as started successfully, in the second agent id returned, the description reads "Redundant", which means that a request was sent to start an agent that was already running.

Sample Request

{ "agentIds": [ "c-a07gapohc6spvdl65","i-0afec73de85777dd0" ] }

Sample Response

{ "agentsConfigurationStatus": [ { "agentId": "c-a07gapohc6spvdl65", "operationSucceeded": true, "description": "Succeeded" }, { "agentId": "i-0afec73de85777dd0", "operationSucceeded": false, "description": "Redundant" } ] }

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