AWS Application Discovery Service
User Guide

Accessing Application Discovery Service

Application Discovery Service supports the following console, command line, and programmatic access options:

Application Discovery Service console

The ADS console provides a simple and intuitive web-based user interface that allows you to manage your application discovery jobs. If you are whitelisted with the Application Discovery Service, you can access the console at For information about using the console, see Using the AWS Application Discovery Service Console.

AWS Command Line Interface

The AWS CLI provides commands for a broad set of AWS products. It is supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux. For more information, see AWS Command Line Interface User Guide.

Application Discovery Service API

You can use the Application Discovery Service API to manage software agents in your data center, query discovered assets, categorize discovered assets using tags, and export data. Application Discovery Service uses JavaScript Object Notation format (JSON) to send and receive formatted data. JSON presents data in a hierarchy so that both data values and data structure are conveyed simultaneously. For more information, see the Application Discovery Service API Reference.

AWS SDKs and tools

If you prefer to build applications using language-specific APIs instead of submitting a request over HTTP or HTTPS, AWS provides libraries, sample code, tutorials, and other resources for software developers. These libraries provide basic functions that automate tasks such as cryptographically signing your requests, retrying requests, and handling error responses, making it is easier for you to get started. For more information, see Tools for Amazon Web Services.