Download the Discovery Connector - AWS Application Discovery Service

Download the Discovery Connector

Download, Set Up, and Start Collecting Data

To set up agentless discovery, you must download and deploy the Discovery Connector, which is a virtual appliance, on a VMware vCenter Server host in your on-premises environment. The Discovery Connector is an Open Virtualization Archive (OVA) file that you must install in your on-premises VMware environment.


Discovery Connector supports VMware vCenter versions V5.5, V6.0, V6.5, V6.7, and 7.0.

Beginning with this section and those that follow on this page, you will be instructed how to download, deploy, configure, and start collecting data using the Discovery Connector.

To download the Discovery Connector OVA file and verify its checksum.

  1. Sign in to vCenter as a VMware administrator and switch to the directory where you want to download the Discovery Connector OVA file.

  2. Download the Discovery Connector OVA.

  3. Depending on which hashing algorithm you use in your system environment, download either the MD5 or SHA256 to get the file containing the checksum value. Use this value to verify the AWSDiscoveryConnector.ova file downloaded in the preceding step.

  4. Depending on your variation of Linux, run the version appropriate MD5 command or SHA256 command to verify that the cryptographic signature of the AWSDiscoveryConnector.ova file matches the value in the respective MD5/SHA256 file that you downloaded.

    $ md5sum AWSDiscoveryConnector.ova
    $ sha256sum AWSDiscoveryConnector.ova