The App Runner API - AWS App Runner

The App Runner API

The AWS App Runner application programming interface (API) is a RESTful API for making requests to the App Runner service. You can use the API to create, list, describe, update, and delete App Runner resources in your AWS account.

You can call the API directly in your application code, or you can use one of the AWS SDKs.

For complete API reference information, see the AWS App Runner API Reference.

For more information about AWS developer tools, see Tools to Build on AWS.

Using the AWS CLI to work with App Runner

For command line scripts, use the AWS CLI to make calls to the App Runner service. For complete AWS CLI reference information, see the apprunner in the AWS CLI Command Reference.

AWS CloudShell allows you to skip installing the AWS CLI in your development environment, and use it in the AWS Management Console instead. In addition to avoiding installation, you also don't need to configure credentials, and you don't need to specify region. Your AWS Management Console session provides this context to the AWS CLI. For more information about CloudShell, and for a usage example, see Using AWS CloudShell to work with AWS App Runner.