Tracking App Runner service activity - AWS App Runner

Tracking App Runner service activity

AWS App Runner uses a list of operations to keep track of activity in your App Runner service. An operation represents an asynchronous call to an API action, such as creating a service, updating a configuration, and deploying a service. The following sections show you how to track activity in the App Runner console and using the API.

Track App Runner service activity

Track your App Runner service activity using one of the following methods:

App Runner console

The App Runner console displays your App Runner service activity and provides more ways to explore operations.

To view activity of your service
  1. Open the App Runner console, and in the Regions list, select your AWS Region.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Services, and then choose your App Runner service.

    The console displays the service dashboard with a Service overview.

      App Runner service dashboard page showing Activity list
  3. On the service dashboard page, choose the Activity tab, if it isn't already chosen.

    The console displays a list of operations.

  4. To find specific operations, scope down the list by entering a search term. You can search for any value that appears in the table.

  5. Choose any listed operation to see or download the related log.

App Runner API or AWS CLI

The ListOperations action, given the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of an App Runner service, returns a list of operations that occurred on this service. Each list item contains an operation ID and some tracking details.