Release: App Runner recent updates on September 17, 2021 - AWS App Runner

Release: App Runner recent updates on September 17, 2021

We recently made some important updates to AWS App Runner.

Release date: September 17, 2021


The following list summarizes key updates we've made to AWS App Runner since it was launched in May.

  • Date/time filter for log search – You can now add a date/time range filter to your application log searches in the App Runner console. Application logs can build up as your service application is running. A date/time range can help you focus on the period of time you're investigating.

  • IDE integration – You can now develop your application code and deploy it to App Runner right from within your JetBrains or Visual Studio Code IDE.

  • App2Container integrationAWS App2Container now supports deployment of containerized applications to App Runner.

  • Long-running actions – We fixed many stability issues that resulted in errors during long-running actions (for example, CreateService and UpdateService).

  • Improved logging – When actions take a long time to complete, we added more service logging and improved existing service log events. You now have more information about the progress, success, or failure of your service actions. You can more easily identify which step failed and take appropriate action to fix the issue.

  • Custom path for IAM role – You can now add the App Runner trust policies in AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles defined in custom paths, and use such roles as App Runner service roles. This enables you to follow security best practices of your organization.

  • Environment variable updates – You can now update environment variables for existing services. Previously, to update environment variables or their values, you had to terminate and recreate your service.