LogConfig - AWS AppSync


The Amazon CloudWatch Logs configuration.



The service role that AWS AppSync assumes to publish to CloudWatch logs in your account.

Type: String

Required: Yes


The field logging level. Values can be NONE, ERROR, or ALL.

  • NONE: No field-level logs are captured.

  • ERROR: Logs the following information only for the fields that are in error:

    • The error section in the server response.

    • Field-level errors.

    • The generated request/response functions that got resolved for error fields.

  • ALL: The following information is logged for all fields in the query:

    • Field-level tracing information.

    • The generated request/response functions that got resolved for each field.

Type: String

Valid Values: NONE | ERROR | ALL

Required: Yes


Set to TRUE to exclude sections that contain information such as headers, context, and evaluated mapping templates, regardless of logging level.

Type: Boolean

Required: No

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