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Creates one or more partition columns for the table. Each partition consists of one or more distinct column name/value combinations. A separate data directory is created for each specified combination, which can improve query performance in some circumstances. Partitioned columns don't exist within the table data itself, so if you use a column name that has the same name as a column in the table itself, you get an error. For more information, see Partitioning Data.


ALTER TABLE table_name ADD [IF NOT EXISTS] PARTITION (partition_col1_name = partition_col1_value [,partition_col2_name = partition_col2_value] [,...]) [LOCATION 'location1'] [PARTITION (partition_colA_name = partition_colA_value [,partition_colB_name = partition_colB_value [,...])] [LOCATION 'location2'] [,...]



Causes the error to be suppressed if a partition with the same definition already exists.

PARTITION (partition_col_name = partition_col_value [,...])

Creates a partition with the column name/value combinations that you specify. Enclose partition_col_value in string characters only if the data type of the column is a string.

[LOCATION 'location']

Specifies the directory in which to store the partitions defined by the preceding statement.


ALTER TABLE orders ADD PARTITION (dt = '2016-05-14', country = 'IN');
ALTER TABLE orders ADD PARTITION (dt = '2016-05-14', country = 'IN') PARTITION (dt = '2016-05-15', country = 'IN');
ALTER TABLE orders ADD PARTITION (dt = '2016-05-14', country = 'IN') LOCATION 's3://mystorage/path/to/INDIA_14_May_2016' PARTITION (dt = '2016-05-15', country = 'IN') LOCATION 's3://mystorage/path/to/INDIA_15_May_2016';

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